Kongsberg Skiresort

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Van Tuong Le
  • Roger Skullestad
4. semester, Arkitektur (cand.polyt.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Udgivelsesdato23 maj 2012
Antal sider240


“The landscape brought the activities, the activities brought Kongsberg
Skicenter - combining these, a resort arise. A resort with enchanting
cave functions, consisting of unique and sensual experiences that
works as the new fulcrum. A fulcrum that unites the existing adjacent
functions in “Funkelia” to become the new - Kongsberg Skiresort.
During summer, when the snow is gone, the snow-white skiresort turns into
a beautiful green public space that allows for different summer activities.
Swimming and sun bathing by the lake, running and biking in the mountains,
is all summer activities that introduce the visitors to the forgotten part
underneath – The beautiful green Norwegian nature.
Full privacy - but still as one unit! All hotel rooms has their
own private balcony with a spectacular panoramic view
towards the extraordinary and dramatic Norwegian context.
On top of the roof, the ski shop and ski rental is to be
found. When buying or renting ski, the direct access
leads to the ski lifts connection and to the current
skicenter. A ski-through under the restaurant connects
to the “village” at the lower part of the site.
A stressless zone with hut tubs, spa, massage, sauna, steam bath, and other wellness options, is the perfect area for loosen up all tensions after a long day of skiing.
The centre of the building is the cave atrium, with only small
light streaks penetrating the dark room. A reception, a small
cafeteria, sky elevators and a 14m tall climbing wall of pure
rock for those whom seeks “enlightenment”. Small narrow path
makes the visitors explore and discover the many underground
cave functions that the resort offers.
A big stair invites the visitors to experience the hidden cave
functions behind the mountain wall. A lounge area on the first
floor, provides the visitors to have an overview to enjoy the
intimate cave atmosphere.
Kongsberg Skiresort contains activities inside, over and under the building.
One of the many exiting cave activities that Kongsberg Skiresort offers, is
an underground cave for unforgettable arrangements and events in a cosy
and intimate environment.
Another exiting activity is the cave cinema that in its deep location isolates
the guests from all the sunlight and noise from outside. The cave cinema
makes it all about the most important thing in a cinema – The movie. This
room has potential for every kind of video or movie presentation that needs
silence and darkness to get the full movie experience.
To really dig in to the core of the mountain, and thereby also the history, a
large cave swim gives the visitor the free opportunity to discover the huge
room themselves. It is not an ordinary swim, but an exiting, mystery and
authentic swim that reveals the mountains bare walls, which hides old
histories back from the 16-century.
To please the visitors the most, Kongsberg Skiresort offers the luxury
penthouse. With the 43 square meters big hotel room, there is plenty of
space to feel free and enjoy a luxurious and relaxing holiday. The extra
square meters provides extra room for enjoyment.
The double room is appropriate for the couple that prefer
cosiness rather than luxury. It contain all the necessary
facilities with an open room solution and an extraordinary
view towards the beautiful landscape.
The single room is the smallest room, perfect
suitable for one person that doesn’t prefer
spending all day in the room. Though it is a small
room, the view is still as great as the other rooms.
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The proposed hotel creates a building that imitates and
becomes part of the landscape itself, by emphasizing the
qualities of the site and the surrounding context. It is a
design that is intended for the specific site that respond
to the landscape, surrounding context and not least the
history of Kongsberg city.
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