• Marie Kathrine Fleischer
This master’s thesis questions how the citizen service is structured today by examining how local private companies in the Sermersooq region can contribute to the community servicing. Before we answer the questions, it is important to get the baseline of how the picture is today. The question to be answered is, if there’s any cooperation today – and if there is, what kind of cooperation that exists. The main companies in Greenland who has headquarters in the Sermersooq region have all – almost – answered questionnaires. The directors in the municipality of Sermersooq have also answered the questions and have given an insight into the vision of the possible forms of cooperation and outsourcing.
Besides knowledge about the companies’ experience and cooperation with the municipality of Sermersooq, it was important for this thesis to get the opinion of the directors in the municipality – and how the directors look at the cooperation with companies in the community. Are there any comparisons? Maybe there are different understandings of citizen servicing? The analysis was positive in relation to the possibility to do some more cooperation between the municipality and the companies in the future.
In addition to the CSR perspective, the outsourcing concept was an important part and often cited by the responses. Further, outsourcing was a comprehensive concept in the analysis.
The analysis in this thesis is based on network theory as well as innovation theory.
The aim was also to get some headlines of what kind of cooperation’s the companies and the municipality could start with. To that, there is one huge challenge that has to be addressed and managed; both parties mention the lack of competent workforce in the frame of the municipality of Sermersooq, to monitor and manage external cooperation’s.
On short-term this thesis’s outcome about possible outsourcing areas and voluntary work hours by the companies can be initiated immediately. On the long-term, the municipality of Sermersooq has to make up its mind, if it dares to take the steps of outsourcing parts of the value chain of services. If the municipality takes the steps – the companies are ready.
Udgivelsesdato15 dec. 2014
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