Intranet til videndeling og samarbejde

Studenteropgave: Master afgangsprojekt

  • Per Hessellund Laursen
  • Maria O'Donovan
  • Kirsten Jensen
This thesis describes a knowledge sharing approach that acknowledges the pre-existence of shared knowledge within communities of practice; an approach that places value in collaboration, interactivity and which sees knowledge as embedded in concrete practices, artefacts, rules and behaviours. Our study has focused on the design of an intranet portal for The School of Marine Engi-neering in Aarhus. The primary focus of our project has been to design an online environment that would be conducive to knowledge sharing and collaboration. Critical to this, has been the need to put in place appropriate frameworks to facilitate engagement within communities of prac-tice. Using Wenger’s (2002) design framework for communities and designing for discourse, participation, reification and meaning negotiation at the boundaries of communities of practice, this paper proposes an approach on how to nurture communities of practice among the teachers and students of The School of Marine and Technical Engineering in Aarhus within the confines of an intranet portal. We have seen, in alignment with Wenger, communities of practice as being an integral part of our lives and within these communites, the dimensions of practice, identity, community and meaning negotiation as being central to knowledge sharing and collabo-ration. Our methodological framework has been inspired by MUST - a method for Participatory Design.
Antal sider100
Udgivende institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 9717392