Intelligibility of air and bone conducted speech in noise

Studenteropgave: Master afgangsprojekt

  • Jonas Flensborg Riis Buchholdt
  • Christoph Kirsch
  • Jorge Bravo Díaz
3. semester, Akustik og Audioteknologi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The scope of the project at hand is
investigating the speech intelligibility,
that is achieve via bone-conducted (BC)
sound compared to that of airbone
sound. After extensive literature re-
search, a perceptual is designed. A
loudness matching routine is developed,
speech intelligibility is tested with a
procedure, that is a modified version
of the Danish Hearing In Noise Test
(HINT). The Bone-conduction Intelli-
gibility Evaluation Routine (BIER) is
executed with ten normal hearing sub-
jects. The analysis of the results hints
towards a worse conduction of the bone
conduction tranducer in terms of intel-
ligibility, that cannot be shown to be
statistically significant.
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Peter Mariager
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