• Amin Morad Amin
4. semester, Medialogi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The incentive and aim of this thesis was to identify causes and correlations for methods of encouraging memorable and impactful experiences in video game. This was specifically desired in relation to guiding the mindset of players to interpret and understand content in a certain way.
The primary approach for investigating this notion was grounded on the use of color grading for the probability of influencing the interpretation and construction of an emergent narrative relative to environmental storytelling. Thus an experiment was conducted incorporating 44 participants separated into a control and experimental group. The feelings and emotions felt by each participant was as such measured through 3 different self-assessment evaluation methods, in addition to a written interpretation.
The acquired data was compared between the groups and relative to their interpretations, which suggested a significant difference that participants were influenced and consequently that it had affected their ability to construct an emergent narrative.
However, for a more definite answer to the final problem statement, further investigation and experimentation should be applied to various archetypes, methods and styles of color grading in relation to emergent narratives and environmental storytelling in video games.
Udgivelsesdato26 maj 2016
Antal sider154
ID: 234130053