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Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Claes Reimuth
4. semester, Oplevelsesdesign (, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
the ami of this master thesis is to enhance the customer's possibility of making a decision
in a food shopping context through an interactionbased concept for making a positive
experience . Therefore the focus for the thesis is in the fields of decision making and
experiences. The problem in the thesis is based on personal observations prior to the
beginning of the thesis.
The theoretical work in this thesis is based on a mix of literature, from the fields of
decisionmaking and experiences. Together these field are the base for the concept and the
thesis in general. In the theoretical field of decisionmaking, the focus has been on the link
between decision and expectation and the lack of satisfaction when the expectation isn't
met. In the theoretical field of experience the focus has been on what defines an
experience and the meaning of this to the human.
The methodology process in this thesis is a hermeneutical understanding where I use the
hermeneutical circle, to work from the pre-understanding, the problem, to the
understanding, the result. This process is a circular process to understand the whole
though the parts. The parts in this thesis is enlightened through the three part of the thesis.
The three parts is Product Marked-fit to understand the potential users in the context
grocery shops, case studies in grocery shops to understand the user behaviour, and
construction of the concept to solve the problem.
The first analytic part of the thesis is the Product-Marked fit where the potential clusters of
users are discovered. The clusters are bundled into larger groups after what similarities
they hold. The next analytic part is the cases studies. Here the larger groups of potential
users are put into the context to determine critical touchpoints in the interaction between
store and customer in the context. The output of the analytic phases is to enlightened the
critical touchpoint in the interaction between the potential users and the grocery shop as
context. In the third part of the thesis the concept is established. The experience
potentialities of the concept
The three parts combined is the construction of the study in this thesis and it can therefore
be concluded that there are a indication, that the concept can help the customers in their
decisionmaking and thereby holds the possibilities of giving the customer a great
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