• Rodolphe Helderwerdt
This thesis will lead to greater insights of generation Y attitudes regarding green
washing. Generation Y is coming in their highest spending level; therefore, it is key
for companies to understand this segment which is the biggest segment living
A board literature review is provided in order to have a clear understanding about
who is really Generation Y and what are their specificities for their buying decision
process. More precisely, the different influences that comes in the game when
buying a green product.
Focus group will allow to have a better understanding of generation Y’s level of
awareness between food and green products and the role of green washing. It will
also allow to understand their expectations and motivation regarding green food
During different aspect of green washing will be tested on the participants, such as
their level of awareness regarding labels, different aggregates, the food companies’
communication influence, the role of the government and their role regarding
This thesis provides first insight about the generation Y and their attitude about
greenwashing and the food industry and can be the base of further research
achieved in a quantitative way.
Recommendations for companies will be provided after all in order to give them more
information about what they should do in order to fulfill perfectly millennial’s need
regarding green products and why they should stop completely to do green washing.
Udgivelsesdato6 jun. 2017
ID: 259227258