• Sjoerd Kees Smink
4. semester, Datalogi (it), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The main goal of this research is to improve the nutritional intake of hospital patients with a tablet application. Around 40% of patients in hospitals are malnourished, which leads to complications, increase in the length of stay and therefore additional costs. Current approaches for malnourishment in hospitals are investigated through a small literature study. Persuasion technology theories are discussed, which help in changing the behaviour of hospital patients regarding their nutritional intake. Insights from this are used in the design of an iPad application. This design is tested out in a usability study, after which it is refined. The application is implemented and tested out in a hospital in Denmark with eleven patients. Results from this user study show no significance in nutritional intake for patients using the application. However, data from a questionnaire and interviews shows that patients did find the application useful and it gave insight into their nutritional intake.
Udgivelsesdato11 dec. 2012
Antal sider114
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerCenter for Ernæring og Tarmsygdomme, Aalborg Sygehus
- - medicinskgastro@rn.dk
ID: 71492707