• Gunnar Hall
  • Piotr Kordy
  • Dalia Vitkauskaite
10. semester, Master Software Systems Engineering SSE (Masteruddannelse)
T-UppAal is an online testing tool for model-based black-box conformance testing of embedded real-time systems. The study of re-runs and coverage measurement with the tool had not been studied so far. This report gives a precise description of different re-runs criteria’s for use with T-UppAal. To find out which of them would work in practice, a detailed analysis of T-UppAal in regards to re-runs was done. We also propose coverage measurements that can be used to determine the quality of a test. An industrial case study was done on both selective type of re-runs and coverage measurements. To help with creating test re-runs and coverage measurements, the tool Butler was made. It includes an array of features for creating re-runs and calculating coverage measurements.
Udgivelsesdatojun. 2005
ID: 61064911