IKT-baserede test i gymnasiet: Læringspotentialet i test

Studenteropgave: Master afgangsprojekt

  • Chris Østergaard
  • Hans Olivur Joensen
This thesis holds the title ‘ICT-based Tests in Secondary School’. We use the hypothetical/deductive approach, where our starting point is the problem formulation: How can we take advantage of ICT-based testing as a tool for enhancing learning? The empirical research includes two surveys for determining the students Multiple Intellingence and Learning Style preferences. The research also includes two subject-based tests in biology and music, respectively. Afterwards we conducted an opinion survey to the same pupils asking them about their attitude towards these tests and testing in general. In addition to this we carried out two focusgroup interviews with teachers from the two schools involved in the project. The theoretical background in the studentoriented investigations is Howard Gardner, Dunn & Dunn and Benjamin Bloom. Vygotsky comes into play as a widening perspective. The main conclusions we can extract from the research is, that a shift from summative to formative assessment and from behaviouristic to socioconstructivistic views of learning is significant to enhance learning of higher order, but both positions exist as a continuum and the theoretical starting point depends heavily on the purpose of the academic intentions. Computermediated testing holds some potential that can improve contextualization of testing.
Antal sider128
Udgivende institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 9778363