• Anna-Christa Bjerg
This thesis is about the identity, relations and learning patterns of 16-18 year olds. The purpose of the thesis is to:
• Identify possibilities and challenges of young learners in 2012.
• Suggest ideas for activities and/or didactic designs, which can help young students cope with these possibilities and challenges.
• Identify where the internet and communication technology can support the learning process of young people.
This is done by doing an ethnographic field study over 4 weeks at an agricultural college, following a class of students during their first period of school. During this field study several methods of investigation are used to achieve triangulation and validate the results. Methods of investigation include the following: observation, semi structured explorative student interviews, focus group interview with experts(including teachers, mentors, contact tutors and educational leaders), modified future laboratory(café laboratory) and bibliography.
Subsequently proposals for didactic design where suggested. These proposals included designs for: Training practical and professional skils, focusing on values and the ability to imagine one self in different roles, digital presence and identity, digital ethics and searching mastery and finally producing digital content.

Keywords: Identity, relations, learning, practical skills, professional skills, mastery, vocational education, ICT, didactic designs.
Author: Anna-Christa Bjerg

Udgivelsesdato17 sep. 2012
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