• Peter Okwoko
This study tries to examine the challenges associated with implementation of LMS by assessing the readiness and perception of teaching staffs in adopting LMS at public universities in Uganda. A case of Gulu University was used. Data was collected using interviews and questionnaires from randomly sampled teaching staffs. Data was analyzed both quantitatively and through use of descriptive statistics with the aid of Statistical package for social sciences (SPSS).

Findings indicate that the is low level of readiness among teaching staffs in adopting LMS. The findings however show that a positive perception towards the use of the LMS exists. Challenges for the low readiness included among others, inadequate e-learning facilities, lack of training for the staffs, lack of commitment by both the staffs and administration and poor ICT support services.

The study recommends an architecture that utilizes web mirroring and synchronization mechanisms to mitigate on the problem associated with low internet connectivity. It also recommends that staffs be trained and the institution employs more ICT support staffs.
SpecialiseringsretningKonvergerende medieteknologier
Udgivelsesdato7 jun. 2017
Antal sider90
ID: 259335595