• Dominique Vinckenbosch
4. semester, Media Arts Cultures (Kandidatuddannelse)
So far gamification and interaction in art have been studied separately. However, the research question of this study "How does Gamified Interaction allow participants to co-create digital artworks?" covers three disciplines, respectively games, human computer interaction and interactive art and demonstrate connections premises between the three. Therefore, this study aims to bridge these three disciplines by filling the gap in the current research about the application of game design elements (gamification affordances) to interaction for co-creation in art.
In order to do so, the study conducts an in-depth cross-case and within-case qualitative analysis of four digital artworks, respectively The Beast, Cow Clicker, Tweetris and BURP in regards to two previously elaborated hypotheses, which goals are to provide evidence of a causal relationship (H1) and to eliminate a causal factor as a necessary condition (H2).
The results demonstrate that Gamified Interaction enables co-creation in the form of authorial and social collaboration, and that it does not necessary have to be designed according to the participants. These findings, as they can be replicated to a larger population of similar cases, generate new knowledge and content to the broader contexts of games, human computer interaction and interactive art, in which this study operates.
Udgivelsesdato11 aug. 2019
Antal sider130
ID: 308948910