• Yenislava Rosenova Georgieva
  • Bozhidar Kalinov Spasov
The aim of this paper is to present to the reader an extensive and in-depth analysis of the effects of adopting the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility into the business practices of major organization. The focus of the project is to examine the impacts of maintaining sustainable and publicly beneficial operations on the company reputation and brand image. Firstly, a brief historical overview of the development of Corporate Social Responsibility theory will be presented in order to understand the genesis of its core principles and ideas. Secondly, the theoretical argumentation behind the analysis will be formulated, based on the existing academic literature and scholars’ contribution to the field, followed by the team’s self-developed conceptual framework which is used in the research panel. The analytical component of the thesis is based on the sustainability reports published by the top 150 global companies in the world in 2017, according to the rank listing of Fortune Magazine. The correlation between brand image and the involvement in CSR activities of 15 selected major companies will be examined through the help of the Leximancer analytical software. In the final two sections of the paper the reader will be able to find results, discussions and final conclusions from the performed analysis, which give a comprehensive understanding about the contemporary implication of CSR.
Udgivelsesdato7 jun. 2017
Antal sider111
ID: 259289962