• Mikkel Sølbeck
  • Martin Vixø Dufke
4. semester, Landinspektørvindeskab (cand.geom.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The following master thesis has been prepared as part of the land surveying program of the 10th semester of the MSc Land Management. The semester is centered around the project theme: Climate adaptation in the municipality, based on a current issue related to a practical municipal context explored in a case study involving the municipality of Copenhagen and Køge.

The master thesis will conduct an inspection of the existing climate adaptation within the Danish municipalities on how they tackle and confront the problematic of climate change. The overriding focus will be centered on the organizational planning practice through the spatial planning system in the municipalities rooted in the current planning strategies and urban development with a specific focus on an urban revitalization.

Furthermore the administrative regulations from the European Union and the government will be clarified in order to understand the policy framework. In addition, it will be observed whether there is added value through a holistic active climate adaptation based on specific regeneration projects and how such alternative combination can contribute to a better microclimate in the city by incorporating parameters such as: materials, vegetation, water, shade, activities, biodiversity and public participation. As a result, the master thesis will provide with valid inputs and ideas on how to confront the climate change in the municipality by legislative initiatives, spatial planning practice, alternative combinations and collaboration with actors and stakeholders
Udgivelsesdato8 jun. 2016
Antal sider222


ID: 234895991