• Aida Zujo
4. semester, Kultur, kommunikation og globalisering, kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The era of globalization has led to major changes in the ways that societies and countries work together and develop, and, as such, theories and speculations of the implications of cross-cultural phenomena has been thriving. Begun in the 1930s, the study of acculturation became a foundational aspect of cross-cultural research. As globalization became more and more prevalent, so did the implications of acculturation. With globalization and the rise of digital media, social media also became an important part of cross-cultural relationships. This study seeks to examine the connection between acculturation and social media in the formation of a new global phenomenon: global acculturation. The research makes use of a mixed-methods approach including both surveys and interviews to highlight the global aspect whereas the main empirical supplementation is within the interviews going more in-depth into the socio-cognitive and cultural implications of our use of social media. With the help of a theoretical framework based on the theory of Acculturation by Sam and Berry (2010) and Social Cognitive Theory of Mass Communication (2001), the study presents a new element to the previously discussed acculturative process. Through empirical and theoretical analysis, the study finds social media has become the main medium through which cultural acculturation is processed on a global level.
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