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4. semester, By, Bolig og Bosætning, kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The social housing sector in Denmark has for several decades experienced problems with having a bad reputation stemming from the focus on the troubled areas, which have now been labelled “ghettos”. Therefore the social housing sector has a major task in front of it in order to change the public perception of what the sector is and what it should be in the future. Reports further show, that less people engage in the local resident’s democracy that constitutes a vital part of the running and organisation of the social housing sector. Lately several housing associations have tried to reinvent themselves by investing in new ideas to change the image of what it means to live in social housing. It has done so especially by reintroducing the concept of co- housing in a more vigorous way. The purpose of this thesis will therefore be to examine one of these experiments of co-housing communities called Karise Permatopia. This co-housing project is special as it is a collaboration between the social housing association KAB and SYDBO and the private association for future residents of Permatopia KPO. I will focus my investigation on the structural and organisational elements in order to understand, how such a cooperation is possible. My methodical approach is based on interviews with residents from Permatopia along with a representative from KAB and the chairman of SYDBO. These interviews will represent the empirical foundation of the thesis. The analysis will try to couple, how feelings of community and place attachment can influence the residents level of engagement in the local community democracy. I will use several different theorists and researchers to expound for the way I understand community and place, in adjunction to reports about co-housing and social housing. Building on the results of my analysis I will discuss what the social housing sector may learn from a project like Permatopia and how they can strengthen the local community and resident’s democracy. At last I will discuss the important value of the resident’s democracy and question what the role of social housing is and should be in the future. It can be concluded that projects like Permatopia can be a key factor in changing the role of the social housing sector and renewing the the resident’s democracy.
Udgivelsesdato3 jun. 2019
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