France and Germany in the Development of a Common European Energy Policy

Studenteropgave: Speciale (inkl. HD afgangsprojekt)

  • Ivana Gabajova
The goal of this thesis is to discuss the integration of a common energy policy in the European Union policy scoping the role played by the Member States of France and Germany in the process of development. Employing the theoretical framework of multilevel governance assists with elucidating the extent that these two states can actually lay some claim to the un-derdevelopment in the movement toward a truly common EU energy policy.
The first analytical chapter of this paper starts with the achievements and hurdles in the policy making of the European Union in the energy area with a focus on the last decade. The energy policy of the EU is still not fully integrated but remains fragmented in the multiple sectors, namely internal market and external relations; even though the EU has made a great effort in liberalizing the energy market and securing energy supplies.
The second analytical chapter clarifies the position of France in the development of a common energy policy. After illustrating the conditions of the French energy sector, the anal-ysis examines French support and resistance in a common European energy policy develop-ment and drafts the challenges that France will face in the energy sector.
The third analytical chapter examines German influences in the development of a common EU energy policy. After introducing the German energy mix, the paper discusses Germany both in favor of the development in the EU energy sector as well as its resistance in this process. German future challenges regarding energy sector terminate this chapter.
The last chapter consists of the concluding remarks and a brief comparative analysis of French and German attitudes to the EU collective energy policy.
Overall, the focus of this thesis is on the decision and policy making processes in the energy policy of the EU. In addition, the paper examines the main happenings that gave a shape to the current appearance of a European energy policy.
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