Fra indsat til udsat

Studenteropgave: Professionsbachelor

  • Michelle Run Brøndum Jensen
  • Maria Ubbesen Nielsen
  • Pia Christin Clausen
7. semester, Socialrådgiveruddannelsen, Professionsbachelor (Professionsuddannelse)
This project is revolved around the topic of recidivism into crime. The motivation for the chosen topic stems from the practical experience of a homeless hostel that is managed by a municipal, wherein it has shown that people who are released on probation without the availability of stable housing conditions and no financial care, causes them to live on the streets, followed by them seeking home at homeless hostels. Probationers seeking shelters often expressed their frustration towards the difficulty of not committing any new crimes after being released on probation.
This project aims to contribute with providing a deeper understanding of a probationer’s situation who, upon being released, is going through the challenges that arise due to the aforementioned lack of stable housing conditions and financial care, by answering the problem formulation of this project.
Information gained from background research has led to considerations which can nuance and aid the practical aspects of social work within responsible facilities, such as LS/RNR-tools for evaluating potential risks and needs.
A deeper insight into the target group that consists of probationers and the effect of unstable housing conditions and no financial care on probationers, was gained through qualitative interviews that were conducted at homeless hostels in different municipalities.
This paper concludes that probation without the support of stable housing conditions and financial care can be considered a problem, thus adding to a list of already existing problems. Those problems, in combination with the limited possibilities of covering their needs, can prevent the probationer from making decisions and taking responsibilities for their own life, whereby they are maintained in an existence on the streets.
Udgivelsesdato31 dec. 2018
Antal sider83
ID: 292427256