• Jens Rohleder
The subject of this thesis is a proposal for further development of the educational portfolio or "log-book" of Elevplan. Elevplan(Student plan) is a web based system used by both technical colleges and business colleges in the Danish vocational education system. Elevplan is a tool designed for Reform 2000, a reform of the educational system put into operation in 2001. Reform 2000 implies an individually organised education. This means that the colleges must provide a variety of offers which comply with the desires and interests of the students. The colleges can use Elevplan to organize this. Furthermore all students have to have their own personal education plan(uddannelsesplan) and educational portfolio or “log-book”(uddannelsesbog), which also can be found in Elevplan. The chief aim of this proposal is to make the educational portfolio a better tool for reflection of one´s own learning process. The analysis is inspired by the general systems theory of the Niklas Luhmann and especially his ideas of the communication process and of social and psychic systems. The methods used to gather empirical data are focus group interviews with students and an interview with a teacher. The purpose of the interviews is to gather information about the use and attitudes towards Elevplan and especially towards the educational portfolio. The analysis of the empirical data has indicated that the existing educational portfolio is not an adequate tool for the students to reflect on their work and their learning process. In short the proposal provides: -greater possibilities to configure the educational portfolio according to the needs and preferences of both teacher and student. -Possibility for the student to create various portfolio types. Beside the basic portfolio, which focuses on the learning process of the student, for instance a portfolio for assessment targeted at teachers, a portfolio to demonstrate the student’s skills to get a training agreement with a business enterprise, or a portfolio targeted at other students to get the students to evaluate the work of each other. This way it is assumed that the proposal will be a better tool for students to reflect on their own learning process.
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Udgivende institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 6141998