• Cecilie Warming
4. semester, Lysdesign (Kandidatuddannelse)
Within the context of museums light is often considered as a quantitative measure used only to
However, a considerable part of the public identify museums as being uninspiring and non-engaging,
and the experience of the visitors therefore has to be set in focus.
The purpose of this thesis is therefore to investigate how the concept of Narrative Spaces can be used
to enhance the experience of museums.
With a qualitative visitor-centred approach to holistic lighting design, the thesis seeks to include the
visitors and their need to be engaged through body and mind.
By examining research regarding Museum Development, Narrative Spaces, Atmosphere and Experi-
ence of Light, different design considerations are defined. As part of the Design Approach these are
formulated into a Conceptual Design Framework consisting of three stages (Projection, Space and
To evaluate the applicability of the framework and its ability to accentuate a narrative, it is assessed
through a quasi-theoretical Case Study. Through an evaluation of the final design, it is concluded
that the framework is applicable (with some iterations) and has potential to accentuate the narrative
and enhance the museum experience.
Udgivelsesdato2 jun. 2017
Antal sider80
ID: 258978303