• Asbjørn Ringgren Larsen
  • Lucie Rezackova
Through the rise of the smartphone phenomenon, consumers are ever looking towards
the brand that changed the game. Apple has introduced the concept of the smartphone
and has created an entire market with huge potential because of the ever increasing
benefits of a new phone every year.
When out shopping for a new smartphone, most consumers simply choose the brand
with the model that has the attributes that they require. However, the authors of this
project have observed a special scenario where something unique occurs – the
consumers of Apple’s iPhone have a special loyalty towards the brand, compared to
that of other brands.
This research paper seeks to understand the relationship between the consumers of
Apple’s iPhone, and what is different to the consumers of other brands. With a
research question of, the role of a self-brand connection in relation to the brand and
consumer, the authors aim to grasp how the identity of the consumers relates to the
identity of the brand and to understand this relationship.
This problem will be addressed with a questionnaire made by the authors and certain
hypotheses will be used to test if there is any evidence of the assumption that iPhone
consumers have a special relationship compared to those of other brands.
It was found that most of Apple’s consumers do in fact posses a self-brand
connection and that this group is also targetable by other brands if they follow
two important determinants. A relatable brand vision, and as few products as
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