• Anders Breinholt Sørensen
The scope of the project is to investigate how learning mediated by ICT may be organized in order to create reflected substantial commitment. The learning concept outlined in the project is presented in the form of a case study. The selected case deals with a high school class planning to visit a science centre of excellence. The theoretical basis is social constructivist theory and the methodological approach is participatory action research. The project defines an experimental design within this framework, aiming at iteratively producing a series of didactic design within a Facebook environment. These designs are evaluated ongoing through interviews, observations and analysis. The outcome is a conceptual didactic understanding. The general conclusion is that the learning environment is governed by a tight relationship between differential and integration. The understanding of this relationship is crucial for the ability of the learning environment to stimulate student commitment. Important factors related to this understanding include the choice of words used, ensuring support of a variety of communicative expression forms and ensuring support to cope within the learning society. As it seem, handling these factors in the described learning environment is through scaffolding. The project supposed this established by introducing a facilitator, whose function it is to pose open-ended questions – questions with the ability to perspective subject of matter to the participants' life world.
Udgivelsesdato30 maj 2011
Antal sider60
ID: 52638690