Farming Knowledge: A New Architecture for the Danish Public School

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Patrick Ronge Vinther
  • Nikolaj Nedergaard Olesen
4. semester, Arkitektur (, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This report is a product of a long master’s thesis at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University. The report consists of a theoretical part followed by a design part that in unity seek to answer, if architecture can enhance children’s learning ability by creating a physical tactile setting of modern pedagogical methods and urban farming.

The theoretical part investigates three main themes; the learning space within the public school, experiencing architecture through senses and urban farming as a tendency that acts as the mediator between these two themes. The theoretical work is translated into design parameters, which are implemented in a design proposal for a new public school situated in Aalborg on the former grounds for the industrial landmark of Spritfabrikken. With its intended future role as a mixed-use area with housing and culture, Spritfabrikken holds a rather expressive character for the city’s transformation in recent years from a city of industry to a city of knowledge and culture, and this project - including a design proposal for a public school - seeks to create a physical manifestation of this story.

By implementing the qualities derived from urban farming, the project seeks to create a learning space that through a closer contact and activation of nature is able to farm knowledge in an architectural space where focus on materiality and tactility is essential.
Udgivelsesdato4 jun. 2014
Antal sider216
ID: 197838286