• Dennis Friis Baun
7. semester, Byggeri og anlæg, Diplomingeniør (Diplomuddannelse)
The project is based on an existing storey building in Danmarksgade 28, 6700 Esbjerg. It is built in 2007 with bearing parts of concrete.
This project contains the design and the construction of the building with bearing parts of aerated concrete instead of the normal concrete. The aerated concrete leads to some difficulties in forms of stability. This leads to the alternative solution, to add grids of steel in the cavity. Furthermore, the vertical loads are led to the foundation. Selected bearing elements and details are dimensioned.
The calculations are based on relevant standards in form of Eurocodes. Drawings of plans, sections, facades and details illustrates the calculated solutions.
SpecialiseringsretningBygge- og anlægskonstruktion
Udgivelsesdato7 jan. 2015
Antal sider106
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerOlav kristensen ApS
Finn Støjer Fs@olavkristensen.dk
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