• Theis Kjærulf Vangsted
7. semester, Byggeri og anlæg, Diplomingeniør (Diplomuddannelse)
This report treats the problems that a contractor is facing when implementing a Quality Assurance system on a project. The report is based on a specific Public Private Partnering project where a highway is constructed. The report describes the theoretical approach to the treated subjects and compares it with the situation at the contractor CJV-E18. To substantiate the specific situation key members of the involved companies have contributed to the report. The report has analyzed the background for Quality Assurance in relation to the contract and organization. The study has shown that the PPP contract hands over nearly all risks are handed over to CJV-E18. Proper treatment of the risks offers potential for the contractor to increase profit, but the opposite when handled wrong. Planning is crucial when dealing with these risks. The PPP contract has minor influence in the organization of CJV-E18. When constructing an organization it is important to secure that all requirements in the contract is kept and the created positions fulfills the internal requirements in the company. It is important that all employees knows their position and what is expected of them to create a functional organization. Based on this analyze the Quality Assurance (QA) department for Roads has been described. The QA Roads department needs to inshore that all contractual- and national law requirements are kept. For documentation standardized sheets based on the ISO 9001 standard are used. Procedures for executing work in relation to requirements are authored by the department. It is important that all involved employee’s respects and take the Quality Assurance system seriously in order to run optimal. When implementing Quality Assurance it is important to look on the specific relations in the project. What needs to be done? What is required by the contract? What is required by the national laws? What do we have? In large projects many foreign nations are often required to work together. All nations have different ways of working and views on leadership. The effect of this is present in the Quality Assurance Department. These problems are to be dealt with in basis on the cultural view of the nation. Implementing of own view is to doomed to fail. The Client AOV expects that CJV-E18 deliver quality documentation that fulfils all contractual requirements. In order to provide CJV-E18 with funds, AOV needs to make a monthly status of the construction. The funds are measured on progress in relation to time schedule. It is important to provide AOV with regular documentation to inshore an optimal monthly payment. This report resolves in general- and specific recommendations for implementing of QA.
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