• Enrique Saez Gil
  • Andres Gil Buendia
4. semester, Trådløse Kommunikationssystemer, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This Thesis addresses the main challenge associated to the deployment of new generation cellular systems:spectrum limitations. The goal is to test the feasibility of the coexistence of two different radio access systems working in the same frequency. For this purpose and taking into account the existent literature, an interference cancellation scheme is proposed. Both simulation and implementation models are developed to test the performance of the proposed interference cancellation scheme and its applicability in a real life scenario. To conclude the proposed solution is rendered to be very valuable if implemented in one or both ends of the communication link providing a significant capacity gain and achieving the initial goal for the coexistence of two different radio access systems under a single frequency. Finally a perspective on future developments and improvements are suggested.
Udgivelsesdato4 jun. 2014
Antal sider111
ID: 198541085