En undersøgelse af facilitering af læring på energyplan.eu

Studenteropgave: Speciale (inkl. HD afgangsprojekt)

  • Maja Taghdissi Jani Gierringe
  • Søren Kristensen Gravesen
  • Jeppe Dejgaard Hansen
4. semester, Informationsvidenskab (cand.it.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)

The aim of this master thesis is to give a thorough suggestion on how to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing on the website energyplan.eu concerning the model EnergyPLAN which can be downloaded from the website. The model is a complex tool with many different types of users.

This projects problem definition is developed through the approach grounded theory, which means that the problem definition is based on the collected data. In order to understand the users, their needs and contexts different types of data were gathered, through qualitative interviews, two surveys, five contextual inquires and observation at an introduction course in EnergyPLAN. From the collected data three main themes were identified: community, user experience and usability and visibility.

Through a thorough analysis it was found that in order to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing in a re-design for the users of energyplan.eu, the re-design must contain an online forum where the users can knowledge share with other users within their category of user type. The learning elements as they are now at the website works good as an introduction, but is limited to only give a small understanding of the complexity of the model and also the learning elements are mostly targeted to one specific user type and not the all the different user types.

The analysis leads to suggested solution towards facilitating learning and knowledge sharing at energyplan.eu. The suggested solutions proposes a solution where the users easily and quickly can access the learning elements at the website in regards to individual learning. This is proposed through illustrations on how a left sided menu bar is integrated containing these learning elements, which therefore gives the user a more visible and transparent website. This could make it easier and faster to navigate on the website.

Furthermore the suggested solutions, based on a motivation and demand for social interaction through the website in order to communicate and share knowledge with other users of the model EnergyPLAN, proposes an online forum as a solution.

The suggestions that is proposed in this thesis serves the purpose of providing a design alternative for Sustainable Energy Planning Research Group at Aalborg University, and will in a further process outside of this thesis, need to be converted into an interactive prototype, to be tested and evaluated in order to evaluate and check for possible new requirem
Udgivelsesdato10 jun. 2013
Antal sider112
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerAalborg University
David Connolly david@plan.aau.dk


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