• Louise Smith Jensen
4. semester, Læring og Forandringsprocesser, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
In 2017, the Danish Agency for Patient Safety started tightening supervision of social pedagogical housing offers. The tightened supervision showed that several social pedagogical offers had problems in relation to medication management. This master's thesis examines how newly qualified social educators experience the encounter with the social pedagogical practice, seen in the light of their lack of competencies within the health professional area. The theoretical angle of the thesis is based on Etienne Wenger's theory of communities of practice, which contributes with a social learning theory and several concepts that makes it possible to understand and view theese processes that are at stake among people in communities of practice. What becomes clear from this perspective is that the composition of the professional groups are important for which discourse becomes dominant and with which the participants create and negotiate meaning in practice. It also shows how the newly formed social educators' professional identity formation moves in a direction where it is necessary for the educators to see themselves as a professional who must also handle health professional tasks, even though these competencies are not part of the social pedagogical education or core professionalism. Paradoxically social educators are trained to see the person before their diagnosis but because of the Danish Agency for Patient Safety's requirements they must also be able to process and understand the diagnosis. This study constitutes a small sample of how five newly qualified social educators experience the encounter with the social pedagogical practice and how they create meaning with all the health professional tasks they are also expected to be able to handle. The theoretical perspective of the thesis is social constructionism presented by Kenneth J. Gergen. This theoretical perspective is reflected in the way empirical data is collected and the way in which I understand both the theoretical angles and analysis results, as linguistically constructed within different traditions and discourses. This study has the potential to create a better connection between the social pedagogical education and the social pedagogical practice carried out within the social pedagogical area, as it is my clear position that the social pedagogues must have the competencies required to be able to handle the health professional tasks in the social pedagogical practices.
Udgivelsesdato27 maj 2021
Antal sider64
ID: 412987435