• Pawel Jozef Baszanowski
4. semester, Landinspektørvidenskab (cand.tech.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Global warming is one of the major problems facing man in the twenty-first century. Scientists are reporting that an uncontrolled rise in Earth's temperature could have devastating consequences for the planet. The main cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect, occurring as a result of emissions of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, are produced by burning fossil fuels. One way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to replace fossil fuel energy with renewable energy sources. Falling prices and increasing efficiency of photovoltaic panels make the production of electricity from solar energy more accessible and profitable. The aim of this thesis is to calculate the solar roof potential of buildings in Greenland. The data used in this project is publicly available and free, all calculations are made using open-source software. The results show significant spatial and temporal variation of the geographical potential of solar irradiation in Greenland. Mean solar irradiation potential for clear sky conditions, in an average day of the year, base on calculations for all roofs in Greenland equals to 2921 Wh/m2/day.
Udgivelsesdato8 jan. 2021
Antal sider44
ID: 398949784