• Mie Gjerlevsen
  • Kristina Emilie Knudsen
  • Maria Teresa Kusk
4. semester, Sociologi (cand.scient.soc), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
One of the most notable aspects of organizational change interventions, is that more than 70 percent of all major organizational change initiatives fails, because social cultural elements at the workplace are not taken into account. The problems often occur during implementation of an intervention, and can affect the outcome. An organization, which has been undergoing several major changes, is the danish public school which was reformed in August 2014.
The organizational changes within the public school sector is described as the largest organizational change in the two last centuries. This leads to an enormous knowledge gap within the research of public school reforms and their influence on employees in this sector. This master thesis aims to contribute with new knowledge in the field. Furthermore, an investigation of the interprofessional teamwork between teachers and social education workers is carried out, to see how it effects the psychosocial working environment; through a process evaluation, using multiple case study based on two different public schools in the Municipality of Aalborg. The empirical foundation of the evaluation is a mixed method study of qualitative and quantitative methods.
Overall the empirical analysis shows that employees are positive towards the interprofessional teamwork because employees can see that they clearly complement each other with different competencies and educations.
The analysis also indicates that there is a barrier in the implementation of the interprofessional teamwork, which has in some way limited the implementation between the two groups of employees and effected the psychosocial working environment in both cases. It is mainly based on lacking limits and none-defined expectations which has primarily resulted in an unpredictable psychosocial working environment with high demands. Additional barriers also appear in the sense of lacking social capital and community in the workplace.

Udgivelsesdato6 aug. 2015
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