Embodied Knowledge: A regional analysis of Southern Switzerland

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Federico Chiesa
This master thesis will investigate the topic of “tacit knowledge” and will analyse the situation of Ticino in Southern Switzerland, the only Italian-speaking part of the country. In today’s economy, firms are trying to acquire all the best knowledge by hiring the best employees. But what about the already existing tacit knowledge? How do companies from Southern Switzerland manage this? These are some of the questions investigated in this paper. The project is divided into three main parts: the first discusses the topic from a theoretical perspective, by means of a literature review; the second part introduces the reader to the context of Switzerland and Southern Switzerland in particular; the final section will analyse the questionnaire and then discuss some statistical data. The data was collected by sending a questionnaire over a web platform. The methodology used is based on Arbnor & Bjerke’s “analytical approach”. This research highlights the fact that Ticino is a region where firms generally know what tacit knowledge is, and that some firms manage it well, while in others the potential for improvement still high. However, the feeling is that something is changing and tacit knowledge is recognized as a valuable resource that needs to be identified and managed. Willingness to invest in such an abstract resource as tacit knowledge appears to be related to two variables: the geographical location in the area under analysis, and the sector.
Udgivelsesdato6 sep. 2012
Antal sider110
ID: 66947314