• Mette Bechmann Hansen

This paper explores how a classroom community of practice can be developed to support developing information literacy competency, specifically by teaching critical use of Google Search. A review of the literature finds that there is a gap in the literature that allows for this project. Using action research as a research methodology, an intervention was planned and took place in a 9th grade classroom, enrolled in the “teknologiforståelsesprojekt” (understanding technology project). The empirical study looks into ways that the students and teacher engage with the three dimensions of a CoP; a shared repertoire, a joint enterprise and the mutual engagement. The paper concludes that by allowing for joint negotiation of meaning to take place in smaller groups, allowing for the teacher to take on roles as facilitator, moderator and acting like a reflective practitioner, allowing for renegotiation of the joint enterprise and certain tools, and last but not least allowing for the members to make use of their own experiences, the class (teacher and students) exhibits signs of being “a budding Community of Practice”. At last the paper points out that for a full Community of Practice to emerge, time and re-negotiation of the joint enterprise and the repertoire is needed.

Udgivelsesdato9 jun. 2020
Antal sider45
ID: 333860965