E-learning i handelsskolernes efteruddannelse

Studenteropgave: Master afgangsprojekt

  • Hanne Falk Mikkelsen
  • Kai Møller Nielsen
Professional work and life in general, can no longer simply be guaranteed by a fixed educational background; rather, education and learning must be smoothly incorporated as part of work activities fostering growth and exploration. Lifelong learning is a continuous engagement in acquiring and applying knowledge and skills in the context of everyday life. It is a condition in life that we have to learn through living. E-learning is practiced around the World and has been for quite a long time. From a Danish perspective, e-learning is in its infancy. The dominant pedagogical arrangement is individual private study for computer-supported education. This fact is the main problem! Our ambition in this paper (‘Master in IKT & Learning’ context) is to describe and make a prototype for e-learning in a commercial schools course-center, where the student has the possibility to obtain proficiency. In a Danish context, dialogue is essential and in the new e-learning context plays an important role. Learning is basically a process about adaptation to experience. Therefore enhancing potential change and capacity and ability to understand and act in everyday life. Methodically our many years of experience in teaching, statistic user-data, user-survey, learning theories, didactics and design considerations, all together have given us an idea of making the first of many versions of creating an e-learning website which can be tested. Developing an e-learning website is an iterative process, where we, as the teachers and the students fully participate to develop the website and its support systems. Theoretically our position is based on a constructive view about learning. Cognitive reflections, tacit knowledge, situated learning and ‘Learn to learn’ are important components in facilitating e-learning for adults.
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Udgivende institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 6140997