• Ioan-Ciprian Pipirigeanu
4. semester, Turisme, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Ecotourism is on one of the most important, and with the fastest growing rate branch of the tourism industry. Nowadays, nature-based destinations or protected areas like natural and national parks are growing in popularity and they quickly become a trend in the matters of sustainable development. In order for an area to be considered an ecotourism destination, there are several implications that need to be taken into consideration, implications like: has to have a base in sustainable\responsible development, minimum tourist impacts on the natural and cultural resources, and has to have a host community well-embedded and knowledgeable in specific ecotourism behaviors and practices and also an increased level of awareness towards the environmental issues that might appear in the area.
Furthermore, in this paper my aim is to assess the issue of how can the management of an natural park successfully create a higher level of sustainability awareness among its communities and interested actors (stakeholders). The case that I have chosen for this paper is Vanatori Neamt Natural Park, Romania.
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