• Maja Bangsgaard Møller
  • Frederikke Juul Thorup
7. semester, Socialrådgiveruddannelsen, Professionsbachelor (Professionsuddannelse)
1. Abstract
This project is based on the challenges that are seen for citizens with mental illness and simultaneous substance use disorder. Including, more specifically according to the organizational division when these citizens seek help in the Danish welfare system. Our focus through this project will be the citizen's experiences and perspectives about having to navigate between several sectors that currently have a challenging collaboration. One of the most fundamental problems in the dual diagnosis area, that we have experienced through this project, is that, the thing that has been found through the Danish health agreements is required to help this vulnerable group of citizens, is not implemented in practice. This is despite the fact that there currently is a need for the region and the municipality to draw up “coordinating action plans” for citizens with mental illness and simultaneous substance use disorder. Furthermore, we have learned that another problem arises when these “coordinated action plans” are not offered and drawn up for everyone within this vulnerable and exposed group. Through this project we have been able to conclude, that these citizens suffer from the fact that health plans, psychiatric plans and other guidelines in this area are not enforced in practice, Including, in particular that the requested collaboration is not enforced. When these are not enforced in practice, our conclusion is that this can be of great importance to the individual citizen, as they do not obtain the necessary and required assistance and treatment. Furthermore, this may mean that these citizens are at greater risk of relapsing into the substance use disorder, worsening their mental state as well as having many longer-term admissions at the psychiatry.
Through this project and study, we have concluded that the relationship between the professional and the dual-diagnosed citizen is essential and significant in relation to the citizen's motivation and hereby also receiving assistance and treatment.
Udgivelsesdato17 dec. 2019
Antal sider61
ID: 317561201