Design of a nudging intervention, use of interdiciplinary approach

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Trine Heilmann-Hansen
4. semester, Integrerede Fødevarestudier (, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Inequality in heath is a major focal today in Danish health promotion activities. The partnership project Healthier vocational colleges is targeting this health issue by making health promotion activities at Holstebro educational centre, bastrupgårdvej where vocational college students are the target group. One of the health promotions activities is nudging interventions in the canteen environment. The aim of this master thesis is to analyse the possibilities and hereof develop proposal for nudging interventions in the vocational college of UCH bastrupgårdvej, aiming to influence the food behaviour of young men towards a healthier food choice. The theoretical framework is based on an interdisciplinary approach of combining design tools and models with ‘nudging’ typologies. The theories, tools and models used are: ‘customer journey map’, ‘persona’, nudging typology’ and ‘ecological approach to health promotions intervention” The methodologies used are: - Qualitative methodology: observations, interviews, semi-structured conversations - Quantitative methodology: questionnaires The main results are a selection of 7 proposals for ‘nudges’ that are desirable from a human point of view, economically viable for the canteen and the project and finally functional & technological feasible.
Udgivelsesdato21 aug. 2014
Antal sider101
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerThe Danish Heart Foundation
Ida Enghave
ID: 203745493