• Peter Oluf Clement
4. semester, Engelsk, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
In recent years, there have been changes in the Nordic concept of masculinities. While Connell's theory of hegemonic masculinity and hierarchy is still applicable in most countries, the creation of new masculinities and femininities are vital in expanding Connell's framework. This paper examines masculinities and their interplay with femininities to understand the changes in gender- hierarchy and harmony in society. In this work, I analyze speaker perceptions of Danish men and women to expand on the insights of current Nordic society. The dissertation starts with exploring the holistic understanding of gender- hegemony and segregation in the labor market. In examining female- police officers and electricians, it is found that lingering towards pariah femininities and diminishing their expected femininity brings repercussions. Similarly, male nurses must uphold a masculine self-image by constantly addressing their sexuality in a hyper-masculine approach to escape the notion of subordinate masculinity.
Besides the labor market, this paper draws on the ambivalence men faces in creating a new masculinity that complies with gender equality and diminishes the masculine hierarchy. The changes in masculinities construct new strategies in gender relations. Thus, Jacob and Simon negotiate their masculinity through the narrative of cooperation, equality, and emotionality that provide masculinity through Nordic ideals. The paper finds that Jacob and Simon must diminish some hegemonic masculinity traits and incorporate aspects of the new masculinity to construct their relational identities to interplay with femininities.
Udgivelsesdato2 jun. 2021
Antal sider58
ID: 413480096