• Puri Novelti Anggraeni
  • Satya Ardhy Wardana
Battery lifetime is a crucial factor of a wireless device to support its mobility and quality. The system can answer to this is- sue by implementing cooperating proto- cols that attempt to reduce energy con- sumption. In an ideal system where no Medium Access Control (MAC) is consid- ered or no collision accurs, it has been proven that cooperation can reduce en- ergy consumption. The existing MAC layer protocol might worsen the perfor- mance thus a new and improved scheme is needed for the scenario. This work proposes a new MAC scheme to solve energy consumption problem in cooperative wireless networks. The pro- posed scheme is simulated under a co- operative network model and compared with ideal system and existing MAC sys- tem. The results show that the proposed scheme gives significant improvement to existing system. Later, it is also simu- lated under several varying parameters, namely number of mobile devices, clus- ter ranges, strategies, mobility, and cluster periods.
Antal sider59
Udgivende institutionAalborg University
ID: 9778603