• Schmidt Helmut Dadzie
The thesis explores demographic and food shopping motives of Ghanaian supermarket consumers in two of the major Ghanaian cities- Accra and Kumasi. It used the survey instrument to collect 300 valid responses from shoppers in the case cities. And analysis of the demographic distribution gives a picture of young and highly educated consumers with varied levels of income. A factor analysis of shopping motives yielded 4 main typology of shoppers: Curious Economic Shopper; Quality and Safety shopper; Aesthetic Shopper and Social Shopper. These shopper typologies cut across various Hedonic and Utilitarian shopper motives in the literature. Again shopper motives were found to be more fluid than rigid because the four motives may have underlying similarities. The identified shopper motives were used as summated scale and their variation with demographic factors explored. A Post Hoc test showed varied degrees of significant differences between various demographic variables and shopping motives. The results were then discussed and recommendations made based on the findings.
Udgivelsesdato2 dec. 2015
Antal sider89
ID: 223184401