Chronic pain, How do I explain? How do I understand?

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Benedikte Irene Hejgaard Jensen
4. semester, Teknoantropologi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Understanding the unspoken is the essential finding of this case study.
Twelve patients, referred to a multidisciplinary pain-center in the northern region of Denmark, have
agreed to an explorative interview searching for signs of pain conceptualizations.
Inductive analysis has revealed that patients suffering chronic pain, who now can finally be given a
diagnose ‘primary chronic pain’ if their pain also influences their psychological wellbeing or their
social functioning. This definition is illustrative to the comorbidity and troubles that they suffer in
connection to their pain. It also lays the ground for understanding why these patients do not bring
forth reflected and well formulated explanations to their pain.
Udgivelsesdato3 jun. 2022
Antal sider56
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerNorth Denmark Regional Hospital
Daglig leder Birgith Hasselkvist
ID: 472045999