• Jhony César Quintal Nunes
  • Jacquelin Elizabeth Cobos Mora
4. semester, Olie- og Gasteknologi (cand.polyt.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Over the last few years, the study of caprocks for geologic CO2 storage has been
increased due to the significant risk regarding safety and environment if the
containment is not ensured.
In this work, a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates geology, petrophysics,
rockphyics, and geomechanics concepts are used to characterize the caprock of the
2nd Creek Wall reservoir, Teapot Dome, Wyoming regarding its tensile strength. This
field was chosen due to the information availability and the numerous sequestration
pilot projects carried out in the site.
The first part of this study was done in Techlog©, wellbore platform from
Schlumberger and comprises the computation of the petrophysical and mechanical
characteristics of the caprock based on the available wireline logging data for 18 wells.
The integration of that information is then used to calculate the brittleness index
which is related to the tensile strength of the caprock. A neuronal analysis in IPSOM
was considered to classify the caprock regarding its ductility and brittleness.
The final results of this study show that 2nd Wall Creek reservoir can be seen as a good
candidate for a CO2 sequestration project. Finally, those properties are loaded in
Petrel, integrated subsurface platform, to create a 3-D grid map the brittleness and
ductility of the caprock. The map indicates the possible drilling locations for CO2
Udgivelsesdato8 jun. 2017
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