Building Brand Resonance Through Brand Experience: a Fashion Market Perspective

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Iiris Salli Henriikka Varjonen
Purpose: Companies that collect premium profits from their markets build strong emotional bonds with their consumers: ‘loyalty beyond reason’ (Maxian, et al., 2013). This thesis aims to understand how intense, active brand loyalty also known as ‘brand resonance’ can be created through brand experiences within fashion brands in Nordic market. Moreover, this study focuses on understanding how different kind of brand resonance can be built and managed by creating brand experiences for consumers. This both adds to the current research done around brand resonance and brand experience but also gives practical information for marketing managers to manage their brand relationships better. Two research questions were created to understand the studied phenomenon. First, the broader research question aims to map the literature and understand the theoretical foundation of the creation of brand resonance and how brand experience can be used to build brand resonance. The second research question is more precise and aims to give more practical knowledge about how certain brand resonance aspects (behavioural loyalty, attitudinal attachment, sense of community and active engagement) can be built with different brand experiences (SENSE, FEEL, THINK, ACT, RELATE).

Method: The study has been conducted with quantitative approach. 225 respondents answered an online questionnaire with 54 questions evaluated on 7-point scale. The data was analysed with multiple statistical analysis, including two types of factor analysis for validity and model fit testing, and multiple linear regression analysis.

Findings: Findings from the analysis show that brand resonance aspects are dissimilar from each other and can be built with different brand experiences. The overall brand resonance is influenced by SENSE, FEEL, THINK and RELATE experiences. Behavioural loyalty is influenced by SENSE, FEEL and RELATE experiences, attitudinal attachment by SENSE, FEEL, THINK and RELATE experiences, sense of community by THINK, ACT and RELATE experiences and active engagement by THINK and RELATE experiences.
Udgivelsesdato15 aug. 2018
Antal sider67
ID: 284780703