• Michael Madsen
4. semester, Anvendt Filosofi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The following thesis sheds new light on a well-known philosophical subject; the concepts of freedom and autonomy. In this case, these concepts are set in relation to a particular practice within the field of social work. The practice, and thereby the case in which the thesis is based upon, describes itself as “an independent, non-profit humanitarian organization that provides help in order to promote self-reliance for people with socio- economical problems”1, and is found in several cities around the world. The common name of these organizations is Kofoeds Skole. Thoughts on freedom and autonomy, and the particular practice within the social field are merged into a philosophical attempt to assess whether or not the school is enabled to execute empowerment for the students, who are socially disadvantaged, while they retain their self-determination in relation to what they want to achieve in life.
The thesis statement is as follows: Is the official philosophy of Kofoeds Skole able to ensure that the social work at the school respects the self-determination and the autonomy of the socially disadvantaged people?
In other words, focus is placed upon whether the school's official philosophy can meet the notion of maintaining the students' self-determination in practice.
The way in which the dilemma is introduced, and afterwards developed, is based upon various theories and philosophers who deal with the concepts of freedom, self-determination, autonomy and empowerment, all of which are viewed in the perspective of social work.
The first part of the thesis deals with social work in general terms. Afterwards, the dilemma is presented together with the position of power in social work. Within this work and field, one is always placed between two outer poles: Paternalism and self-determination.
Furthermore, the history of Kofoeds Skole will be presented, as well as their official philosophy and their educational methods. After that, it is judged whether Kofoeds skoles official philosophy respects the students' self-determination
Finally, it is concluded that Kofoeds skoles official philosophy can be used for the purpose of ensuring the students self-determination. Nevertheless, it requires a certain attention to the anti- paternalist method, as well as informing Kofoeds skoles students that they use methods they apply in the social work and why they do so. This is important as the students will engage in the process evolving around them being situated at the school.

Udgivelsesdato29 maj 2017
Antal sider53
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