Bestyrelsen: Samspil, udfordringer og værdiskabelse

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Kasper Kongsted Jensen
  • Martin Griepentrog
4. semester, Byggeledelse (, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The title of this master’s thesis is ”Board of Directors – Interaction, challenges and value creation”, takes its baseline from the study ”How companies in the Construction industry works with business development?” and a former single case study project concerning the management system in the Construction industry´s companies. Its conclusions was on, that there in the management was a greatly degree of reactive thinking on the short-termed profits that could be obtained through project management on daily running and far less on long-termed strategy plans. The industry is already suffering from hard competition with focus on the lowest prices possible where, there are not enough differentiation from competitors through strategy and business development.
This group of the master’s thesis therefore sees a potential for further investigation on this subject and there through to visualize the root of this issue and thereby the initiating issue which is the foundation for this master’s thesis.
This master’s thesis first describes, within known recommendations and rules within the current legislation what a place in the board of directors is about and other relevant subjects within the board auspices. Thereby readers, without special knowledge on this subject also can understand on being a board member. Through an empirically study with twelve different board members, unknown questions were asked, which results is highlighted in a concluding summary. The output on this is that the owner-managed companies’ board of directors is missing skills, education nonetheless and theoretical models which is easy to understand. The summary is giving the group of this master’s thesis, the necessary knowledge and interest to ask further questions, which asked subsequently in the final thesis statement, which reads:

“How can value creation in small- and middle-sized construction companies’ board of directors increase through activities and theoretical methods, that simultaneously gets the now knowing board members as well owners, tradition influenced mindset led on a more sustainable and long-termed strategy planning and implementing.”

This question, including sub-questions, are processed through a serious contender on how small- and medium-sized construction companies’ board of directors’ practical can change focus and thereby increase its value creation in the future. The focus is on how the traditional short-termed mindset, can be changed in benefit of a long-termed and nonetheless how the owner gets involved in this matter on a more understandable manner and/or if only not, can create the necessary skills needed.

Udgivelsesdato7 jan. 2015
Antal sider113
ID: 207525223