• Dannie Anderson Jørgensen
4. semester, Informationsvidenskab (cand.it.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)

This thesis investigates how autonomy learning strategies can be used in order to help users at Southern universities in having a sustained use of e-learning. The thesis uses secondary data from a project called MAGAART. Firstly the thesis investigates autonomy learning theory in order to understand what strategies that has already been developed on this area. This is done through the literature review although the information from the articles used in writing the review also serves as the basis for pinpointing specific strategies later. The strategies that were identified were classified into major groups, such as personalization strategies, technological focus through organizational/institutionalized strategies, pedagogical strategies, heuristic strategies and other strategies.

With these strategies in mind a closer look at the MAGAART evaluation report is undertaken, pointing out the issues that erupted in this initiative. The problems were information overload, lack of continuity and the over-all readiness for learning amongst the participants. Together with this information a look at the MAGAART data was done. The data consisted of interviews with the participants and grounded theory sections of aforementioned interviews. From these interviews more problems were found such as problems using Moodle and participants having a hard time using the tools they were presented.

With a look into the budget of MAGAART and Dreyfus and Dreyfus’ skill acquisition ladder the strategy were formed. In order to make sure Southern universities have a sustained use of e-learning it is important to get an unbiased understanding of the tools they need. This thesis propose this is done through observation and logging data. A need to overcome the user readiness problem were also present in which the West would train super users within the universities who can pass on the torch of e-learning knowledge among the university. Two strategies has been formed, one being an ideal version where money is not accounted for and a tangible version where money is the turning point.
Udgivelsesdato2 feb. 2016
Antal sider54
ID: 234443675