Automatic planning access network

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Omer Ali Beshir
  • Gustav Helgi Haraldsson
This report presents a automatic network planning method for FTTH access networks with and without redundancy. First some background into the fiber technology and topology used is shown. Second a comprehensive look into the case study area is done. The project is dealt into two phases. Both phases deal with creating the automation process. Phase one analyzes methods for reducing fibers in the access network in a small scale tests. Results are given based on the fiber cost of each scenario to determine viable scenarios for large scale testing. Phase two takes the results from phase one and compiles scenarios which show potential in offering redundancy without much extra cost. An analyze is done to view what method is the best for creating automatic districts, tests are then performed to view the full effect of the automatic districts. Finally a cost estimation is presented, including digging, fiber and housing. Both phases have their conclusion but the project is finished of with an overall conclusion and further work. The appendixes support the report with detailed information.
Antal sider188
Udgivende institutionFaculty of Engineering and Science
ID: 9933179