Anvendelse af data om praksis i praksis

Studenteropgave: Master afgangsprojekt

  • Peter Tom Eybye Nordestgaard
  • Lars Nellemann
The purpose of this master thesis is to study how quantitative data from a learning platform can create knowledge for development of didactics and pedagogy at a university collage. This is done by two qualitative workshops.

We propose that a data interpretation team is developed with inspiration in Nonakas Ba. The team needs to accommodate a place for explication – a place where the participants' understandings and knowledge, is used for creating a common understanding and meaning for constructive use of data.
We find that use of data is complex and many different competences and resources must be involved. We see that a broad collaboration between participants with knowledge within educational practice, management and data literacy is required.

We are inspired by Heidegger’s theory about the ontological questions to make an understanding of data created and interpreted by humans.
We are using Wenger to understand, how we as humans participate and create meaning and identity in communities of practice.
As a theory for supporting our method we use Nonaka’s understanding of knowledge as tacit and explicit and how tacit knowledge can be explicated through Ba.

Our main findings are, that there should be a consciousness about data as a phenomenon. When a data rapport from a learning system is presented, something happens with the leader’s preunderstanding of practice, because the rapport gives them the opportunity to look at the educators practice from a different perspective. Practice changes as a result of the meaning creation process, where the explication of the tacit knowledge is combined with the knowledge from the data rapport.
To develop practice through data, it requires data literacy and an interdisciplinary organization, where many professional groups - including leaders, educators and IT-pedagogical stewards - participate. Such an organization can be seen in communities of practice, that is based on dialogue and openness between all parties in a free and constructive kind of Ba.
Udgivelsesdato3 jun. 2019
Antal sider120
ID: 305048541