• George Charisoulis
4. semester, By-, Energi- og Miljøplanlægning, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Based on the actions that have been undertaken from the Greek government, this thesis tries to analyze the offshore wind scene of Greece. By following a methodology of past and present analysis, it tries to reach an analysis of where does currently this scene stands and tries to hypothesize future outcomes. Additionally, it tries to answer a relevant to the actions research question regarding the RETs in Greece so that it can focus specifically in offshore wind energy. This research question that fits perfectly the scope of this thesis is the following, “How realistic is the implementation of offshore wind projects to Greek waters and how could a potential social refusal could be mitigated?”. Some relevant questions to this can also be drawn, which they could help the reader understand the main motivational questions behind the creation of this paper:
• Is Greece’s wind potential enough to support major offshore wind projects?
• Why hasn’t Greece taken any initiatives until now?
• Towards what future is the energy scene heading?

From then on, this paper tries to analyze the Greek reality until the present years. Through the use of ArcGis software, the thesis takes the role of Greek government and tries to pinpoint the a potential area of development. Finally, it undertakes the task of partly designing a policy framework relevant to the needs of that Greek reality. Having in mind that offshore wind development might resume at Greece at some point, it tries to create a powerful tool for the implementation of such projects.
Udgivelsesdato5 jun. 2013
Antal sider61
ID: 77269371