• Ivan Milchov Gelov
This thesis is review on of the trending discussions in the mobile world today, 5G Mobile Networks and how Huawei stands among other competitors and tech companies. Literature and standards reviews, along with interviews of independent experts in the field will provide the base for the research on the topic. The final goal is to provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis with practical implications of 5G and the technology actors participating in it’s development. The structure of the research is presented in two main parts. First part will introduce the reader to the standardisation process; part two will provide a detailed picture of the mobile world and will review the stage of 5G implementation. The second part will rely on mixture of descriptive, explanatory and qualitative methods, for collecting data, followed by analysis. One outcome of the research is that fusion of 5G and it’s predecessors will represent the infrastructure, lead by a selection of tech giants in the near future.
SpecialiseringsretningBusiness Development
Udgivelsesdato15 sep. 2019
Antal sider70
ID: 310991855